Hi! It’s “Sunny” Yano of Moon Custom Cycle Shop (M.C.C.S)

During Obon Week, Yokohama was raining for all day, and I didn’t have a chance to go touring with my bike.
At this blog as I mentioned last time, I will be explaining the installation of Special MOON Disc that is made for the Motorcycle.
As I mentioned last time、MOON Disc is used at Land Speed Race to get the top speed and still now it is one of the parts that is used.

Although it is used in the real “Race” this special MOON Disc can be easily installed on your own vehicle! The MOON Disc for cars can be purchased for wheel sizes from 10inch 〜 18inch and is always available for purchase.
Unfortunately, there isn’t a ready-made MOON Disc for Motorcycle, so you have to consider disk brake, drum brake, brake caliper, clearance, and other factors and specify the measurement of the outer and inner diameter and height of the swelling of the disc.
However, it is appealing that you can make the Special MOON Disc that is not a ready-made product!

The MOON Disc installed to my Panhead also considered those factors and made at MQQNEYES USA.

The finished product is this.↓

It makes me excited!!

For reference,
Rear Wheel is 16inch Spoke Wheel
Brake Disk is 10inch
Banana Caliper is used.

This MOON Disc is a screw-on type.
If it’s a 16inch Wire Wheel, there is a flat part on the rim so, I drilled a hole and consider 2 ways to install it.

1. Drill a hole on the rim of the bike, cut the tap, and screw it in from the front.
2. Drill a hole on the rim, fixed the Disc with the bolt nut.

I fixed the Disc with the second way.
I removed the tire from the rim and drilled a hole while applying the Disc.
It is hard to the out after you placed it so, I recommend using a tie wrap or something to pull it up so it’s easier!

I drilled a hole and put out the screw from inside towards the outside, and to prevent the head of the screw from damaging the tube, I covered it with taping and fastened it with a nut from the front.
In case of a broken spoke Disc can be removed by unfastening the nut, so I can remove the disc without removing the tire!

Both sides are now installed so, assemble with the rim and mount to the bike.
It’s better to use a tire changer to mount the tires without damaging the disc. And I think it’s better to leave the tire installation to the store.
The most difficult thing during this process was to pay attention not to damage the Disc.

The clearance to the caliper is perfect!

I just mounted to the rear wheel, but it still gets a good vibe and looks CQQL!

If you have an interest in Special MOON Disc.
Feel free to contact us any time!

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“Sunny” Yano