MOONEYES & Friends
Christmas Bash


Date: Saturday December 7th
Time: 9:00am ~ 3:00pm
location: MOONEYES

Here is for Vans Shoes’ launch in MOONEYES USA !

Limited Edition Mooneyes Vans shoes will be available at Mooneyes Christmas Bash this Saturday December 7th.
Very limited supply and they’ll not be available online. Don’t miss this opportunity to own one of a kind Special Issue Mooneyes/Vans shoes!

This time, this shoe is mainly focusing on the “Eyeball” logo that has the eyeshape on the yellow circle and MQQNEYES wording logo.

On the side part (Canvas material), it is an over-all pattern of Eyeball with solid Yellow which is hi-impact.

On the toe and counter(heel), for the tongue part suede material is used and for the first time, we put a patch that expresses the stereoscopic effect.On the back part of the sole part, the address of MQQNEYES USA is printed. The line part of the sole that is applied to all of the Vans shoes, there is the MQQNEYES wording logo. Shoelace is white and it also contains a shoelace that has endless eyeshade logo so, you can choose the shoelace you want. It is completed as the shoes that can know that it is the MQQNEYES Era at first sight.

For this time it also comes with a Yellow “MQQNEYES” Special Shoes Bag!!

Price is $160.00 (excl. tax)
Size is from 4 1/2 (22.5cm) to 12(30cm).
(We do not have 11 1/2(29.5cm))

MQQN Equipped SK8-HI
In 2016 we have released the Yellow Base “MQQNEYES” SK8-HI and this is the second SK8-HI. This time we will deliver it from the “MQQN Equipped” brand.

This time we have selected black so, people do not have to worry about the shoes getting dirty. And the bikers can wear it more often. And on the black base, the all-over pattern is printed on the toe and counterpart. As the “MQQNEYES Era” there is the common patch accented to the counterpart.

On the side part there is a large “MQQN Equipped” logo and for the surf line “MQQN Equipped” brand’s image color Black, Red and Beige are expressed in 3 layer suede. The color of the stitch is a combination of Black and Beige. and Beige is also used for the inner part because it is “MQQN Equipped SK8-HI”. For the shoelace there are black and one with endless eyeshape logo so, pick your favorite one. On the back part of the sole, MQQNEYES USA address is also printed as “MQQNEYES Era”. And also, this shoe’s sole line is the “MQQN Equipped” wording logo.

“MQQN Equipped SK8-HI” will have Black Shoes Bag.

Price is $200.00(excl. tax)
Size is from 4 1/2 (22.5cm) to 12(30cm).
(We do not have 11 1/2(29.5cm))

“MQQNEYES Era”, “MQQN Equipped SK8-HI” will be in the Neon Sign Illustration Box.