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MOON Skate Deck

Available from Monday November 4th.

Eyeball, Eyeball, Eyeball …!
MOON SKATE DECK with the bright yellow MOON Eyeball all-over!
The Eyeshape logo is largely on the center of the bottom so, one side is all MOON.
It is a wide deck of 8.1 inches so, it will be stable.

The front is simple so, you can put a deck tape or draw some design on in and customize to your style skate deck!

If you get this deck, select the wheels and bearings and customize it and your ONLY ONE MOON Deck is completed!
Of course, you can collect it as a display in your room and garage.


You cannot select the Front Color.
It’s going to be a surprise until you get it!

Size:(H)29.1inch x (W)8.1inch x (D)0.39inch
Material: Wood
Price: $80.00