Every year, we get our hopes up to have good result at Speed Week.
This year was no different, with new sleeves in all cylinders matched to pistons, had high hope.
We get to salt on Thursday and couldn’t believe to see salt condition the way it was.. Never seen salt that good before. Got through tech on Thursday.

Friday, we fired engine only to find out we have water in oil. I had suspicion that water may be coming through main cap bolt since outside bolt go right into water jacket. 265 block was never designed for 4bolt main caps.

Not knowing where water was coming from, I didn’t want to take chance on running. frustrated to have such a good salt condition and not run.

Came back after Speed Week and went through motor. got water leak fixed. we decided to go back in September for World of Speed.

At World of Speed, everything looked good salt condition remained the same from Speed Week and got ready to run on Friday.

with no time to Dyno test motor, we ran hoping it’ll be on rich side. motor pulled hard through first and second gear like never before. But in third gear, at 8,500RPM, blower pop off popped.

came back to pit and assested damage. first it looked like just burst panel popped, but after taking closer look, discovered crack in blower case. no way to fix. not even one full run. how dissapointing I was.

Came back to shop, took motor apart. there was more than cracked blower case. #4 cylinder got so hot, it melted piston. We have to get new set of piston custom made.