The MQQNEYES Dragster Australia Tour that started in the end of March from Melbourne, will next go to Sydney in May.
May 26th & 27th (Sat & Sun)
“Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo 2018”

This time Wildman will go together and have Pinstripe Demo.
Unfortunately, we cannot go to Santa Maria held in California but, MQQNEYES shop will be there.

June is Perth.
June 16th & 17th (Sat & Sun) is Father’s day
“WA Hot Rod and Street Machine Spectacular 2018”

Usually, there is LA Roadster Show in California but, we cannot go for this time.
Although, MQQNEYES Booth is there so please come and visit.

It will not run in the event of Sydney and Perth so, it is safe.
If you come near, let’s meet at the venue.