On March 11th, 2023 there was the MOON Bike Show 2023 in Avesta Sweden. The event report has arrived from MOONEYES Sweden. Check out the great photos and videos of the bikes that was gathered at the venue.

For bike enthusiasts in Sweden it has become a tradition to go to an old factory at the beginning of March every year to look at a bike show done a bit differently then normal. This started back in 2011 when Mooneyes Sweden opened up the doors to the first show held in the old blast furnast hall, complete with two big owens in the middle, old chains hanging from beems sticking out of old thick stonewalls. Since the we have seen shows around the world moving from the normal modern convention halls into old rustic factories. This gives a show a very special nice atmostphere.

This years Moon Bike Show had an extra interresting collection of bikes.
Visitors could feast their eyes on rare bikes like Brough Superior, old Husqvarna race bike and a 1917 Husqvarna with sidecar that has never left the county since it was sold new. Of cours there was typical a few long sleek typical Swedish style choppers with pullback handlebars and car tires in the back to enjoy too. Plus everything in between.
Enough chit chat, let’s look at these bikes in stead.
And if you happen to be anywhere near Sweden at the beginning of March, don’t miss Moon Bike Show.