MOONEYES USA 2nd New Year’s Party 2023 Event Report

On January 28th, 2023 at Irwindale Speedway we had the MOONEYES USA 2nd New Year’s Party. We really appreciate everyone’s great support to hold this event and enjoy the time together.

For this event, many people participated, and there were over 1,000 Show Cars, more than 100 Race cars, and more. We also had more than 60 vendors, and over 9,000 spectators came to this event.

The event starts really early in the morning during the border of the night and morning. Before the sun rise many cars started to line up outside to enter the venue.

When the sun rises the event started.
At the MOONEYES booth, everyone was lined up to get the limited t-shirt for this event. For the event there were t-shirt, poster and the metal sign which features the poster design of this event which was designed by the MOONEYES pinstriper Wildman. From all day long MOONEYES booth, and the MOONEYES Trailer with MOONEYES T-shirts, were crowded with the MOONEYES Fans getting the things they want.

Beside the MOONEYES booth, we had Pinstriper “Michi-NATQQ”, whose master is Wildman, taking pinstripe orders at the place. In the morning people came to order him a pinstripe for the things they brought, and people were watching him doing the pinstripe. There were times of NatQQ asked for an autograph. As a result, he completed all the orders in time and enjoyed his first business trip to the USA as a Pintriper.

If you are interested in his works, please also follow him on Instagram @michi_natoo.

Beside the MOONEYES Booth from the left Jim Dunn’s Funny Car, Dos Palmas Dragster, and MOON Dragster ⅱ were displayed and people were stopping by and looking a close look at the cars and taking photos. In addition, MOON Dragster ⅱ went to England in 1963, and Dos Palmas went in 1964. In the meantime, Dos Palmas Dragster Rev. Up and spectators were surrounded to take photos and heard the powerful sound of the engine.

At the Food Court, there are also several food trucks at the venue, and people enjoyed their food and resting with a can of drink in their hand. We also had many vendors selling their products, and spectators also enjoyed their shopping.

There was the Miss Mooneyes Pinup Contest on the stage presented by Mitzi and co. This year’s Pinup had the theme of ” Space Maven”. It was an amazing atmosphere, and the Science Fiction featuring make-up and costume performed by the Pinup Girls.

Congratulations to this year’s Miss Mooneyes Space Maven Queens
1st Place @its.jaques
2nd Place @pinupyogini
3rd Place @miss_pinky_swear
You can also check their Official Instagram to feel the atmosphere of the day @mitziandco.

5 BANDS also Liven up the venue with their enthusiastic live performance. Thank you to The Wenzdaze, The Outlaw daddies, Johnny Ramos and the Doowopdeathboys, The Hot Rod Trio, and The Moontones!

At the show venue, the cars line crowdedly from end to end. The USA Custom Culture is all here. Race cars, Cackle cars, Hot Rods, Custom Cars, Low riders and many other cars excited the venue.

Not only the Show Cars, and another spotlight of the event is the DRAG RACE!! For this event  AFX group, Bruce Boardman and The Outlaw Gassers joined the Drag race and excited the Grandstand. The spectators excitement were also rev. up with the cars which is the old skool and gaining popularity again.

Thank you to all the MOONEYES supporters, and everyone who participated, and made it to an MQQNTASTIC event!!